Genesa Leadership

The Genesa Concept™ provides leading edge evidence based programs proven to facilitate success by cultivating a strong and compassionate leadership approach. This model is the “human technology” that acknowledges the importance of emotional intelligence to solve problems, gain insight, increase workplace team effectiveness and foster innovation. Using a client’s core strengths, it is possible to transform behavior in a realistic and incremental way, while achieving personal and professional goals at the same time. Former clients include executives from Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Oracle, Wells Fargo, AAA Auto Club and Homewise Homes.

Jane Tanner

Founding/executive board member and consultant for The Kim Center for Social Balance, which is dedicated to creating gender equity and diversity in the workplace. The Kim Center, in partnership with UCSD, uses data-driven metrics to produce evidence-based solutions.


As a consultant and coach, I enjoy leveraging differences and influencing teams to bring their best selves to the creative process. I am committed to furthering my social justice work, where equity becomes normative and our communities can sustainably thrive.



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