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The Genesa Concept™ provides leading edge evidence based programs proven to facilitate success by cultivating a strong and compassionate leadership approach



The Genesa Concept™ provides leading edge evidence based programs proven to facilitate success by cultivating a strong and compassionate leadership approach. This model is the “human technology” that acknowledges the importance of emotional intelligence to solve problems, gain insight, increase workplace team effectiveness and foster innovation.

Using a client’s core strengths, it is possible to transform behavior in a realistic and incremental way, while achieving personal and professional goals at the same time. Former clients include executives from Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Oracle, Wells Fargo, AAA Auto Club and Homewise Homes.

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Learn how to leverage diversity on all levels, increasing workplace satisfaction, creativity and productivity. Make the most of your employee talent inspiring people to work synergistically. When differences are seen as strengths within an organization, it creates a sense of belonging and purpose which encourages creative solutions and contributions.

“It may be nearly impossible for us to bring about any important change in a system or organization without changing ourselves…”

Kegan and Lahey


Genesa Values Clarification™

Gender Equity Assessment: Kim Center GenderLeap™

Leadership Assessment: ChangeWise Leadership Agility 360™


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Jane Tanner

Leadership Coach

Jane Tanner is an executive coach who shares her passion, learning, experience, and creativity, along with an intuitive sense to help executives grow and transform into catalyst style leaders.

She is especially interested in helping companies become more equitable and diverse, addressing organizational culture, values and vision, while integrating multiple perspectives. Based on both peer reviewed and personal research, Jane created an innovative leadership approach that encourages social responsibility, productivity, profitability, employee engagement and wellness within all types of organizations.

This approach is designed to explore purpose, policies, relationships and culture with an emphasis on compassion and objectivity. Honoring varied and sometimes conflicting perspectives within balanced relationships provides clarity around the gift of difference. We know that inspiring leadership growth results in positive and sustainable cultural transformation, which can change an organization from the inside out.


  • Masters degree in Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, CA
  • Graduate Certificate in Leadership for Sustainable Change,
  • Graduate Certificate in Personal and Organizational Coaching
  • Certificate Program: Corporate Training, UC Berkeley, CA
  • Bachelor of Arts in Cognitive Psychology, Mills College, CA with an emphasis in Women’s Studies and Social Movements, Social Change

Professional Experience

  • Founding/Executive Board Member – The Kim Center for Social Balance 2017-2020
  • Executive Coach – Genesa Leadership Institute, LLC 2012-Present
  • Management, Marketing and Buying experience – Merck and Company, Inc., Mervyn’s-Target, Corp., Banana Republic-Gap, Inc., Macy’s, Inc., Liberty House-AMFAC, Whole Earth Access, and Fritzi California, Inc.

“Genesa is a coded matrix of basic life force and it is directly related to the living energy moving in spirals in all forms of growth, development and change.”

Derald G. Langham, Ph.D.

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