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Genesa provides coaching for leaders who wish to address change and organizational complexity through an integrated approach honoring diversity in all aspects of life. Genesa provides a means for surfacing and leveraging multiple perspectives, weaving them into a focused vision that generates a unifying purpose, while cultivating a compassionate view that is both responsible and profitable.

What We Offer

This unique approach to leadership:

1) Fosters gender equity and diversity

2) Encourages self-awareness

3) Facilitates curiosity, innovation and creativity

4) Addresses organizational culture and change

5) Inspires positive and productive relationships

6) Creates a bridge between past achievements and future goals

7) Understands how social responsibility is tied to profitability.

Jane Tanner is an executive coach who shares her passion, learning, experience, and creativity, along with an intuitive sense to help executives grow and transform into catalyst style leaders. She is especially interested in helping companies become more equitable and diverse, addressing organizational culture, values and vision, while integrating multiple perspectives. Based on both peer reviewed and personal research, Jane created an innovative leadership approach that encourages social responsibility, productivity, profitability, employee engagement and wellness within all types of organizations. This approach is designed to explore purpose, policies, relationships and culture with an emphasis on compassion and objectivity. Honoring varied and sometimes conflicting perspectives within balanced relationships provides clarity around the gift of difference. We know that inspiring leadership growth results in positive and sustainable cultural transformations, which can change an organization from the inside out.